Society Of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Caracas Petroleum Section

Eventos SPE en Venezuela

VI LACPEC. This conference and exhibit celebrated under the Slogan of "Latin American Petroleum Industry: Opportunities and realities", brought together more than 800 SPE members and non-members of various specialties related to the Oil Industry. One hundred and forty eight papers from 20 countries were presented during the three days of the event at the Caracas Hilton Hotel. Keynote speakers at the luncheons were Claus Graf, vice-president of PDVSA, and Gustavo Inciarte, 1999 SPE president and PDVSA Director who discussed a very comprehensive paper entitled "Timely application of the latest technology developments does add value to our business". At the closing luncheon Regional Service Awards were presented to Simon Suarez from Intevep, Magdalena Ferrer from The University of Zulia and Vladimir Plavnick from the Brazil Section. Ludimar Castaneda from the University of Oriente won the Student Paper Contest for the Region.

SPE INTERNATIONAL THERMAL OPERATIONS AND HEAVY OIL SYMPOSIUM (ITOHOS) 2001 ITOHOS The 2001 ITOHOS and Exhibits was held at the Hilton Hotel in Porlamar, Margarita, from the 12-14 of March. With an attendance of 400 participants where 54 papers and three afternoon Forums - with distinguish speakers from the USA, Canada and Venezuela - were presented, the event was quite a technical success. Mr. James McGee from Venezuela was presented with the HEAVY OIL PIONEERS AWARD.

SPE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEATH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT in oil and gas exploration and production. The FOURTH HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT CONFERENCE was held at the Caracas Hilton Hotel from June 8-10, 1998, under the presidency of PDVSA´s Vicepresident of the Board of Directors Luis Urdaneta. The logo was "Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century".

2006: SPE ATW Key Technologies to Create More Value from Mature Fields, Feb. 21-24, Margarita Island, Venezuela

Workshop on "Carbonate and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs - Challenge for Oil and Gas Industry in Venezuela and Worldwide", 28-31 August 2008. Maracaibo.

SPE Student Chapters Seminar
- 2004, 2005, 2006