Society Of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Caracas Petroleum Section

Eventos SPE en Venezuela
The LACPEC conferences, Latin America and the Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, were instituted to promote the exchange of technology and operating expertise between the of the Oil and Gas industry professionals of Region IX and the International Community. These events bring together SPE members from all around the World and are held every in a different Latin American Country every time. The region sections are located in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. LACPEC Conferences have been held as follows:
Conference Date City Country
 I LACPEC Oct. 1990 Rio de Janeiro, Br.
 II LACPEC April 1992 Caracas, Vzla
 III LACPEC June 1994 Buenos Aires, Ar
 IV LACPEC Apr. 1996 Port of Spain, TT&T
 V LACPEC Oct. 1997 Rio de Janeiro, Br
 VI LACPEC March 1999 Caracas, Vzla.
 VII LACPEC Jun. 2001 Buenos Aires, Ar
 VIII LACPEC Apr. 2003 Port of Spain, TT&T
 IX LACPEC Jun. 2005 Rio de Janeiro, Br.
 X LACPEC Apr. 2007 Buenos Aires; Ar.
 XI LACPEC May. 2009 Cartagena, Col.
 XII LACPEC Dec. 2010 Lima, Peru
 XIII LACPEC 2012 May. 2012, Mexico City, Mex.
II LACPEC. The second LACPEC and Exhibits was held at the Caracas Hilton Hotel from March 9-11, 1992. Total attendance, including members (256), non-members (539), Exhibitors, students, press, staff, spouses and visitors was 1381. A total of 133 papers were presented at 20 technical sessions and six poster sessions. Thirty six companies participated in the exhibit. All short courses were fully booked. Keynote speakers at the three luncheons included the Venezuelan Vice Minister of Energy
and Mines, Dr. Arevalo Guzman Reyes of PDVSA´s board of directors and SPE president Arlie Skov, who presented the Regional Service Award to Elxio Caixeiro from Brazil and Simon Antunez from Venezuela.